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Reezom le BDE

Reezom le BDE (Bureau des Etudiants), the Students Office, organizes the "Archiculture" event whose purpose is to showcase the proliferation of student productions in and outside classes, in and outside school. It also works to consolidate relations between students, teachers and administration staff. The Students Office supports many other activities and initiatives of its members from exhibitions such as "Outgoing Students", workshops, blood donations, lunches at La Baravanne and, of course, musical and dance evenings.

The Esquisse

The Esquisse student association brings students into contact with professional milieus: it remunerates students during study missions for architects, designers, urbanists, computer graphists, etc. Its articles define its mission: "to complement and prolong theoretical teaching with practical experience by enabling students to put into practice what they have learned by working with enterprises, Local Authorities and the other organizations concerned by the school's specializations". -

The Coopérative

The Coopérative enables students of buy all their necessary supplies at advantageous prices. It has a mobile shop located in the school hall, open from noon to 2 pm. It also proposes entry packs and grouped orders according to demand.

Les Lézard Scéniques

Les Lézard Scéniques  is an improvisational theater group which puts on shows in the Nantes area. Every week you will find it in the school for practice sessions. Open to everyone, it proposes courses, inter-school meetings, matches, catches and diverse improvised events. It organizes major shows in the school's auditorium at least once every semester in partnership with other associations. You can see its monthly catch session every second Tuesday of the month at the Art Scène (19 Rue du Chateau). -

ensa Nantes Sports Section

At ensa Nantes, depending on one's year and desires, it is possible to play rugby, volleyball, badminton, etc. Obviously, the Sports Section is open to all suggestions. Moreover, it will consider possibilities of organizing weekend events (sailing, off-track biking, climbing, etc.).

The "Durs à Cuivre"

The "Durs à Cuivre", ENSA Nantes' own brass band, invites students to get away from their screens and come along for fun sessions, make noise (even music), meet people, stay cool and maybe do some partying! Everyone is welcome: students, teachers, teenagers... and people who play an instrument (whatever their ability). There is lots of work to do with costumes, choreography, role games, communication, etc.

The "Charrette Ciné Club" (CCC)

The "Charrette Ciné Club" takes it as axiomatic that architecture is nourished by all artistic forms. The cinema in its relations with images, memory, cities… is a tool that contributes to understanding in many fields that concern architecture. The CCC proposes a voluntarily disparate program and maintains a freedom of expression and independence vis-à-vis the architecture school.


HANDS is an association involved in DPEA theater design training. It exists to provide a point of contact for all students in this specialization. The association also facilitates the creation of theater design projects and has a vocation as a catalyst for creation and innovation.

Scéno T

Scéno T is an association concerned with theater design and staging. Its purpose is to help students discover the world of live shows, from design to production, through staging and the creation of scenery, objects and scenic elements. It also organizes meetings, debates and conferences relating to shows in the region.


Mensadanse creates dance theater productions. The association plans to invite professional dancers to the school, to use its public space for staging productions and to associate dance with other artistic disciplines (photo, video, plastic arts, etc.). -


Archiclaque develops and facilitates international student mobility within the school.

Planète Copains Inc

Planète Copains Inc experiments with and promotes art, architecture and landscape by manipulating materials.